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Nathan Ehresman

Nathan enjoys designing fast software systems and tuning existing systems to achieve better performance. He has experience administering very large databases of both relational and non relational data. Nathan has many years of experience writing both client and server software.

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Luke Ehresman

Specializing in usability and application design, Luke tends to work on user interfaces and loves solving complex system design problems. He actively contributes to many open source projects and has co-founded Tebros Systems to follow his passion for designing and creating software.

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Tebros Systems is a software incubator that creates custom and hosted software solutions.

We are eager to solve difficult problems, create usable web apps, and make your idea become reality. We have a wide range of experience from web development to database optimization to usability analysis and more. Contact us with your idea. We’ll walk you through a feasibility assessment and help your project come to life.


  • Database schema design and scalability with Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Web application, user interface, and usability design with Rails and PHP on the server side, and HTML5 and JavaScript on the client side.
  • Custom software analysis, design, and creation

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"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you" (Matthew 7:12, NIV). We believe in treating people with respect and earning trust, because this is how we wish to be treated. We believe in honesty, respect, and being above reproach in all areas including programming, design, billing, and client relations.


Quality is a certain almost intangible aspect of a product that instantly lets you know it was made with care and is built to last. It's like the difference between a cheap shirt, and one made with precision and durable material. We build software that is designed to be low maintenance, enduring, and secure.


Software is often too complicated. We firmly believe that the measure of a product is not just the sum of its features, but also the parts that were intentionally left out. Simple design is not easy, but we take the time to analyze our code, interfaces, and every aspect of our company to ensure simplicity.